FIAP Jean-Monnet

April 14-17













































(A Special BGS Race Game)

Paris is a big board game. Some win, some lose (or get lost).
Here are a few rules for the game. Play well!

You need no dice to play this game, but good shoes and a few Métro tickets. (Buy them by “carnets” of ten: they’re cheaper!)

Map One

Arriving to square One. Get out of the Denfert-Rochereau RER/Métro station, walk along the boulevard Saint-Jacques, then it’s a bit tricky, so you’d better print out this map and bring it with you. Those who get lost will have to go back to square One. (No Jail in this game, but… a Hospital.)
While you are in the boulevard Saint-Jacques, turn to the right in the rue de la Tombe-Issoire, then first street on the left, rue Emile-Dubois, to the right in the rue Dareau, to left again in the rue Broussais (actually a few metres), and the rue Cabanis is on your left. The FIAP Jean-Monnet is here. You’ve won.
Those arriving from Métro Line 6 either at Saint-Jacques or at Glacière are nearer the FIAP: look at the map.

Now, if you have reserved at the Jardins d’Alésia Hotel in the rue d’Alésia, you’d better call at Alésia Métro station (Line 4). It’s just around the corner. (For those who have booked at the Ideal Hotel ‘Design’, boulevard Jourdan, go to Map Two.)

Map Two

How to go from hotels to the FIAP Jean-Monnet, and back.
From the Jardins d’Alésia Hotel (rue d’Alésia) it’s very simple. Just walk along the rue d’Alésia until you find the rue Broussais to the left. You’ll walk along the Sainte-Anne Hospital, a large mental hospital. Go to the rue Cabanis: you’re in the right place.

The Ideal Hotel ‘Design’ is boulevard Jourdan at the Porte d’Orléans. (Those arriving for the first time are advised to take Line 4 to the Porte d’Orléans terminus. The hotel is just out of the Métro station.)

From the Ideal Hotel ‘Design’ the route is a little longer, but if you follow the map, walking along the rue du Père-Corentin (whoever he was), then into the rue de la Tombe-Issoire for a few metres, turn right to the rue d’Alésia, to left into the rue Broussais, up to the rue Cabanis. It will take you about 25 minutes.

Map Three

This map tells you how to go to the "Au Moulin Vert" Restaurant.
All routes are very simple. It’s just a matter of walking. From the FIAP Jean-Monnet it’s about 30 minutes.
From the Jardins d’Alésia Hotel it’s just 10 minutes, straight ahead to the rue des Plantes, on the right. The restaurant is very close to the rue d’Alésia.

From the Ideal Hotel ‘Design’ it may not be unreasonable to take the Métro from Porte d’Orléans to Alésia. It’s just next station but a long go. You lose one ticket but you save time and energy.