FIAP Jean-Monnet

April 14-17














































The FIAP Jean-Monnet Centre has only 13 single rooms with bath, two-star standard (though without TV set), for only € 65/day... INCLUDING breakfast and dinner!

Since this is a very limited number and an incredible rate, we need to pay the rooms in advance. Those who are interested must book very early, sending both Colloquium fee (€ 140) and the money for the room in advance. For 5 nights it is € 325. (If checking in on Tuesday 13 April, and checking out on Sunday 18.)

We cannot guarantee you will get it. Please apply first: we will tell you if there still is a room for you.

There are too 5 double rooms for € 47 per night per person (total EUR 94). These also include breakfast and dinner!  SOLD OUT 

We will use the "first come, first served" principle, so the earlier you book (and pay) the surest you are to get these special offers.

For those who will not get - or do not want - these FIAP rooms, here is a selection of hotels not too far from the FIAP Jean-Monnet. ("Double room" = price for 2 persons.)

These rates are available only if you book through the BGS team. Please let us know the number of persons and nights. Owed to the limited number of rooms, here too you are invited to book in advance.

Other recommended hotels (no special rates)